Suncoast company combines art and ice making

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PARRISH, Fla. - Ice Pro creates some of the most amazing Ice Sculptures in the country in a former work shop on a farm in Parrish, Florida.

Owner Joe Rimer, his wife, and some 4 other workers create works of art in ice for Disney, and many of the other top companies in the country. They also create Ice Sculptures for many Suncoast Hotels and clubs.

They work in temperatures ranging from 9 to 15 degrees. The patterns for the sculptures are created by computer, then cut into the ice by machines.

Then carvers use a chain saw, and a sculpting tool to smooth and finish them. Color can also be added. The works of art range in price for $350 to $1200. They don't last long, but they are a beautiful sight to see.

Almost all the Ice Sculpture at the Super Bowl in New Orleans and the parties afterwards, was created by Ice Pro.