Suncoast charities say goodbye to Lauren

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It's almost time to say goodbye to Lauren Dorsett before she moves to California, but we couldn't let her leave without letting a few people say goodbye.

Lauren came to Sarasota three and a half years ago and she wasted no time getting involved with organizations close to her heart. Whether she was working with the Suncoast Community Blood Bank, the Make A Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, or Brides Against Breast Cancer, she dedicated her free time and her huge heart to help make a difference in our community and in the lives of others.

“Lauren came to the community about the same time that I started at the blood bank. And she came over and did a story, and you could just see in her face the compassion and the interest and the caring. And from that day on she took an interest in our mission and she took it to heart. Whenever we had a blood shortage or an event in the community, she was the first one to raise her hand and say ‘I would love to help’," says Jayne Giroux of the Suncoast Community Blood Bank.

"She's a very kind and generous person, particularly with her time. And at the Center For Building Hope and Brides Against Breast Cancer she worked directly with people impacted by cancer and just brought a smile to their faces," says Amy Paulishak with Brides Against Breast Cancer.

“Lauren is a delight. Wherever she goes she brings love and her smile into the room, and into the community. She’s just easy going and happy and willing to do anything to help our community. And that's exactly who she is," says Denise Cotler with the Jewish Housing Council Foundation.