Suncoast celebrates National Plug In day for gas alternatives

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SARASOTA--Gas has cost more than $3 a gallon for more than 1,000 days in a row. According to AAA the average cost of gas in the Suncoast area is $3.33 a gallon. An event on Sunday on City Island called Electrify the Island was part of National Plug In Day.

Edward Ellyatt drove his Chevy Volt from Ft Myers to participate in the National Plug in Day in Sarasota.

"I came up for this event on 8/10ths of gallon of gasoline" said Ellyatt with a smile.

Electrify the Island was held in the parking lot of Mote Marine Laboratory.

"It is all about driving green and green incentives, renewable energy and how we can drive without using gas and without exhaust fumes," explained event co-chair Nigel Mould.

Electric car owners like Ellyatt were on hand to show off their vehicles.

"I’ve got 65,000 miles on my car and two-thirds of those miles have been electric miles. I’ve been to California twice, North Carolina twice and to Michigan twice."

Others came to see the different electric cars available from Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan and Tesla. 

The free event highlighted other electric vehicles including bicycles, motorcycles and even an electric boat.

"The electric vehicles and hybrid electrics are really going mainstream," said Mould, adding, "they are affordable, they are family oriented and they are comparable to combustion engine cars."

Event organizers also tell ABC 7 that electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain than gas vehicles and require no oil changes.

For more information about electric vehicles you can go to