Suncoast body builder feeds off her anorexic past

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Laurie Green is a nationally-renowned bodybuilder these days, but that has not always been the case. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Four years ago, Laurie Schnelle got involved in bodybuilding. "I was doing cardio as always when a bodybuilder told me I had the look. So I began weight training."

Crunch Fitness trainer David Green was then a trainer at The Y, where Laurie was working out. "That bodybuilder was a friend of mine, too, so we all began working out together."

Laurie began to see phenomenal results when she asked David to train her. "I met David in 2010, and we have been training together ever since."

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"I was starting to fall for her, and I would have done anything at that point," says David.

Laurie made huge strides, especially when David changed her eating habits. The irony here is that until she began weight-training, Laurie had done anything not to feed her body, and it almost cost her her life.

"I struggled with anorexia. They told me at 15 I wouldn't live to be 18. I had micro-valve prolapse, ICU for 2 weeks, and a feeding tube."

As they were falling for each other, working out every day, becoming best friends, David's love was ratcheted up when he learned why Laurie wanted to win the super bowl of bodybuilding…and it was not for David or for herself. "One day she told me she didn't want to be top bodybuilder. She wanted to win Olympia so she could go back to the hospital and show those girls with anorexia that there is a way out; there is hope," says David.

The physical transformation has been beyond amazing, but it has also made her stronger on the inside. "Just a completely different person now; I had a passion, a goal to reach for. I have never gone backwards."

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Laurie has finished in the top 5 at several tournaments in the past year, and more importantly, she married her best friend David on December 23.

"He's been my training partner, my support, my best friend. We train together every day still."

"She is my best friend, my wife, my life partner. Everything we do, we do together."