Suncoast 2037 - The future of Myakka City

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SUNCOAST 2037: (WWSB) - What will Myakka City be like twenty years from now? 

The small rural city is known for its farming and wooded landscapes and people visit the City's nearby state park and historic school house. Manatee County Commissioner Vanessa Baugh says, the goal is to allow for change in the community while holding onto the history of the place and keeping its small town feel.

Baugh says, "I'm hoping that in years to get them to do an overlay so that maybe where the historic schoolhouse and the community center is there can be an overlay. Kind of like what we have in Mount Dora; have some antique shops, a couple of tea rooms, restaurants, ect...That will keep the charm of Myakka that we know today."

Along with all the growth the Commissioner believes that one major issue they will face is traffic. She expects to see more roads in the Myakka area that will expand across the state.

This article is part of a month-long series called Suncoast 2037 which will give a glimpse into the future of our local communities.