Students create butterfly themed mural

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SARASOTA - Students of all ages and abilities come together to create a butterfly themed mural at a Suncoast School.

Fruitville Elementary school dedicated the mural that stretches down the hallways of one of the school's main buildings.

It was created in memory of Emma George, a former student in the school's autistic program who passed away two years ago.

Through the youth experiencing art program, Ringling College of Art and Design Students worked with Fruitville fifth graders and younger students in the autistic program to paint butterflies.

The project's theme was embracing diversity. "So for that reason, we had each child draw a butterfly that was completely unique, you know, whether your butterfly is a waffle or a donut, all kinds of crazy ones... They're all beautiful because they're all different and that's something we wanted to communicate to the kids through the whole program," says Ringling College of Art & Design Student Gabriella Thompson.

The fifth graders helped the children with autism learn about butterflies, including a butterfly's metamorphosis.