State school tuition increase vetoed

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SARASOTA----The state for Florida has a new budget but one item not included in the final numbers was a 3 percent tuition hike for Florida college students. 

I didn't want to pay anymore than I absolutely had to," said James Johns one of the many students across the state applauding Gov. Scott's decision to veto a 3 percent tuition hike.  "Its great, times are tough," added Johns

Law makers passed the measure earlier this month-- it would have added about 74.1 billion dollars to the budget but it came at the expense of students.

"There are three main components to tuition in the State of Florida. One is the authority that's giving to each university by the legislator, which the Gov. has vetoed today," said Casey Welch from USF Sarasota-Manatee Campus.

And with that veto-- plans to increase tuition for the next school year is no longer an option. 

"I'm defiantly happy, I don't have to pay any more than I am already am, and I think tuition is pretty high, as it is," said Chantay Lubbecke.

But those attending state schools are not out of the woods just yet because there is an additional 1.5 percent tuition increase that was not vetoed.  It accounts for the cost of inflation and not everyone is happy with that move.

"I really think it's a shame that things keep going up and that they are not allowing our youth to get an education that they deserve," said Connie Andrews, a parent who put several children through school.

Currently students at Suncoast universities pay round 180 per credit hour and 100 at area colleges.  But despite the changes, tuition at public colleges and universities here on the Suncoast remains lower than other locations in the state.

"For the University South Florida Sarasota-Manatee its allows us to keep the same affordable tuition rate which is the lowest in the entire state university system," said Welch.

The 3% increase would have amounted to about $90 per student.


State school tuition increase vetoed