State panel moves forward on changes to 'stand your ground'

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TALLAHASSEE -- A small panel of nine Florida Senators vote 7-2 to advance changes in the "stand your ground" law. The Senate Judiciary committee moving forward with language which would require training to neighborhood crime watch volunteers and clarifying that police must fully and completely investigate when force is used in self defense.Both a reaction to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

Local law enforcement agencies who work with the volunteer groups are paying attention. Captain Anthony Sirianni with the North Port Police Department says they already meet and talk to volunteers in their area about what they can and can't do. He says they are following the conversation. "We are watching Tallahassee very closely to see how and if this law changes. If it does we will act accordingly. We will educate our officers as well as collaborating with neighborhood watch to make sure they understand what they can and cannot do."

Changes to the law would require a full vote by legislators. They don't return until early March for the 2014 session. We will have much more coming up this evening on ABC 7.