Spring cold snap clears out Suncoast beaches

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SARASOTA - It's hardly warm along the Suncoast for spring breakers during this week leading up to Easter. Those who braved the breezy chill at Lido Key Beach on Wednesday had the beach pretty much to themselves.

You rarely see the beach this empty during the tourist season. Most people we saw were dressed for the weather, and kept moving.

Visitors from out of town say it may be cold for Florida, but it's warmer than where they came from. “We’re just on vacation on spring break, looking for warmer temperatures. It was snowing when I left…it’s not warm here, but it’s not snowing here,” said Nancy Armstrong, visiting from Staunton, Virginia.

“It’s my mom’s spring break, so we had to come. Unfortunately it was a little cold, but it was still worth it, because it was definitely prettier than Ohio,” said Heather Bowling, visiting from Milford, Ohio.

The beach patrol says the water is 63 degrees off Lido Key currently. And they know that because one of the lifeguards, Jon Shields, took a swim with a thermometer to measure the temperature.