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Special Report: Surviving a Hurricane, an ABC7 weather team guide

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Hurricane season is here, and ABC7 is once again providing you with the vital information you need to protect your family and property

In "Surviving a Hurricane," the ABC7 Weather Team of Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan, Meteorologist John Scalzi and Forecaster Wendy Ross show you how to prepare, and answer your questions on putting together your readiness plan and survival kit.

By watching this program you will be armed with necessary information to be prepared for a storm. New information you'll need to know includes the changes to the hurricane evacuation zone map for Sarasota County.

All the forecasts have been made and they are calling for a slightly above average season. This is due to a weak or nonexistant El Nino. 

But that doesn't mean we can let our guard down, as it only takes one storm hitting the Suncoast to make it an active season for us.

ABC 7 Flood Zone

ABC7 is in Flood Zone D, close to Zone C, according to the updated Hurricane Evacuation Zone map in Sarasota County.