Special needs athletes run the Ringling Bridge

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SARASOTA - Running four miles at the crack of dawn in the Ringling Bridge Run can be a challenge for some, even more so for somebody like Seth Morano, who uses a whellchair to get around.

But that didn't stop him.  "I did have fun," said Morano, "I said...faster, faster!"

Thanks to local support group Care2Tri, Morano finished the four mile race, all with a little help from a friend.

"This is a lot larger than any one person, we're really trying to promote people that do have disabilities," said Care2Tri's creator Greg Simony, who also pushed Morano during the race.

Simony says helping those with disabilities complete a challenge like this doesn't just help them, but can also be an eye-opener to everyone else.

"We live in a very self-centered world so when we can get a message out there that there is a purpose outside of you, ultimately we're not all that important, there is more than us," said Simony.

That's an idea Morano can definitely get behind.

"I mean it shows that when people put their mind to something, they do it," said Morano.

And with Saturday morning's chilly temperatures, putting their minds to it was definitely something all of those runners had to do.