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Some local stores pulling clown costumes and accessories because of creepy clown craze

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SARASOTA, Fla. - They are downright scary looking and causing a nuisance. Creepy clowns continue to pop up all over the country, pranking people and at times threatening them as well.

"These people are using very poor judgement, doing what they're doing," said Sarasota clown Trebor Britt.

Britt is someone who has been clowning around now for 26 years at kids' parties and other events. As part of his act, he says he has never worn clown makeup because it frightens young kids. But he tells us this scary clown problem has not hurt his business.

"I get a lot of joy out of making kids and adults happy and smile and laugh," said Britt. "We need that in our society today with the crazy stuff that's going on."

One store chain that is taking a strong stance on this creepy clown situation is Target. They've pulled all clown masks from their stores and website. Folks we caught up with outside one of the Target stores on the Suncoast have mixed feelings about the move.

"I think that it's just some people having fun, but I understand Target's got to do what they feel is going to give them the image they are looking for," said Chuck Shaput.

"Personally I don't see the need for that, but my kids are young and they're not a fan of clowns," said Stacie Chen.

Unlike some of the other stores out there, in the Goodwill Manasota stores you'll still find a lot of clown stuff -- including clown wigs and makeup.

This is a decision Samantha Cummins and her colleagues at Goodwill Manasota felt comfortable with for their 10 stores in Sarasota, Manatee and DeSoto Counties.

"We feel that it's more about the behavior than the costume or the way people are dressed," said Cummins, "so if somebody is creepy hanging around the bushes making you feel uncomfortable it's more about their behavior."

While Goodwill Manasota will continue to sell clown related items, Goodwill Suncoast has gone a different direction. They've pulled clown costumes and accessories from their 18 stores in the Tampa area.

The World Clown Association sounded off about the clown scares.