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Some Holmes Beach residents concerned over coyotes in their neighborhood

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HOLMES BEACH, FL (WWSB) - There have been numerous coyote sightings in a neighborhood near 82nd Street and Marina Drive. 

The most recent took place when a coyote was spotted in the middle of the road.  This is certainly very concerning for folks who live around there.

Folks have been taking pictures of the coyotes in their neighborhood.  Bruce Meyer was walking his dog on Tuesday when he encountered a coyote in the middle of the street near some homes.  It ended up running down the street and back near the wooded area.  It's put their quiet neighborhood on edge.

"There are some small children in the neighborhood and just about all of our neighbors have dogs or cats and so we're concerned they would attack them, as well as chickens and one of my neighbors has a peacock," said Meyer.

Wildlife expert Justin Matthews says it is rare for coyotes to be in that area, but he tells us because of development throughout the area it most likely is pushing them to locations like Anna Maria Island.  Matthews says this is something that neighbors should take very seriously.

"A coyote will attack a domestic dog or a cat, they will attack someone's pet and they will eat it," said Matthews.

Matthews says small children are also at risk of being attacked by a coyote.  He tells us there are certain things folks can do to avoid an encounter with a coyote including screaming at them and definitely not feeding them.

"If you want to keep them out of your yard this actually works, you can soak rags in ammonia and space them out on your property line," said Matthews. "Coyotes will stay away, they hate that smell."

Neighbors say that at least two different coyotes have been spotted and there could be more.  It's not known if the Florida Wildlife Commission will come in and try to move them to a different location, but people who live here are hoping something gets done soon.

"There's probably a den in mangroves and there are probably pups involved and I don't want to have a gang of coyotes roaming our neighborhood," said Meyer.

If you do spot a coyote, you're being asked to contact the Florida Wildlife Commission.  There's a very good chance it can be trapped and then relocated.

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