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Del Tierra residents in East Manatee facing variety of problems to their homes

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EAST MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - Jeanna Tito has lived in Del Tierra with her 6-year-old daughter for more than a year.  She says her dream home has been a "big time" headache for most of the time she's lived there.

"I come home and see the holes in my walls," said Tito.  "I can barely open my slider door now, and they are kind of working on fixing that, but I just look at all the mess everywhere and it just drives me crazy."

Some of the other issues Jeanna has been living with are cracks in the wall, ceiling and lanai floor among many other problems.  She says what's even more frustrating is when work is finally done, there are other issues that pop up.

"They damage more things then they fix," said Tito.

Jeanna is not alone, many other Del Tierra residents have complained about a variety of problems with their homes including Kevin Doyle.  He says a big concern for him now is mold.

"We had a roof leak and it's about eight months in, and we also had leakage coming in from the side door from the garage every time it rains," said Doyle.

Many of the residents have had their issues taken care of ,including some of those featured in an ABC7 story on Del Tierra last March.  For both Jeanna Tito and Kevin Doyle, they want these problems resolved immediately.

"I'm hoping they get it fixed and everything can just move on and we can get on with having our new home," said Doyle.

"I just want them to come finish my home, I just want them to finish and have pride in their work," said Tito.

We did reach out to DR Horton and a representative tells us they will have some answers regarding the Del Tierra problems on Monday.