Snow in Tennessee and rough waters for Suncoast

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Sarasota - Rough boating weather can be expected through Wednesday and early Thursday as a strong cold front moves through our area. This front will bring the coolest weather of the season to the Suncoast. Lows on Thursday morning will be almost 10 degrees cooler than average.

The cold front will move through on Wednesday morning. This same front has been responsible for bringing snow as far south as N. Carolina and Tennessee today. This quote from Kellie Clouse, a North Carolina resident today,  "It's snowing! Sunny and 67 at 1 p.m.....flurries and 36 degrees at 7 p.m." 

The good news is that the cold snap will only be around for a short time, with temperatures starting to warm back up by Thursday afternoon.

A low pressure system is expected to bring a chance for some rain on Friday and this threat continues through Saturday. The storm system will slowly work it's way across W. Central Florida over the weekend.