Small strip of land could threaten proposed waterfront development

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- A 30-foot long piece of submerged property could eventually hold up the sale of the former Quay property in Sarasota.

The couple who owns the property tells ABC 7 it's their dream to build a small mooring field on the property. The strip of land is between the vacant Sarasota Quay property and the Ritz Carlton, and the owners say they recently placed their own boat on the site.

Now the owners of the Ritz Carlton have filed a lawsuit against Erika and Achim Ginsburg-Klemmt , accusing them of forcible entry and unlawful detainer.

The couple claims they are being treated unfairly, saying they have a permit for the land issued by the state Environmental Protection Agency. “So it's not just really that when you dredge, and area it becomes publicly owned; it's really still privately owned, and the fact that it used to be public land matters very much,” says Erika & Achim Ginsburg-Klemmt.

The couple purchased the piece of land in question for $20,000.