Small Business Saturday spurs local spending

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SARASOTA--One day out of the whole Christmas shopping season may not seem like much. But for a small business owner like Wendy Getchell, that one day can really help out.

"You know I really appreciate that we get some attention," said Getchell, who owns Lotus Boutique in Sarasota, "I really think that more people are aware of it this year."

Small Business Saturday is now in its third year. The idea is pretty simple: hold off on your big-store purchases and instead, shop totally local for one whole day.

"The big draw to shop local is that the money stays in the community where every dollar that is spent with a small retailer we keep that money in the community," said Getchell.

It's a movement that seems to be catching on.

"'I dont want to go anyplace but here, if you don't have it I don't know what i'm going to do,' that's what I hear," said Lynne Archibald, ower of the Toy Lab. She says the day is not just a fad. In fact, shoppers really do seem to make en effort on Small Business Saturday to shop local.

"A simple purchase from a small business can keep them open," said Dale Clancy, a shopper who has decided to shop local.