Six years after son's death, family still searching for justice

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NORTH PORT, Fla. -- It's been six years now since Alex Teehee was struck and killed by a car while walking along a Port Charlotte road.  And in that time, Alex's family have never given up in their search for justice on the people they say intentionally did it.

"It has put a huge hole in a part of our life that we can't ever replace," says his father, Tab Teehee.

The 20-year-old Teehee, a father of two, was killed on July 13th, 2008.  Charges against the driver of the car were later dropped and no arrests have been made on two other people possibly involved in the incident, despite death threat voice messages on Teehee's phone and other evidence.

ABC 7's Josh Taylor has been following this story all along, and has spoken with Teehee's family.  He will have a full report tonight on ABC 7 News.

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