Simulated campus attack helps authorities prepare for situations

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SARASOTA - Law enforcement and first responders took part in an all-day security training exercise Tuesday where an attack was simulated on the campus of Riverview High School.

The drill was complete with role players acting as gunman on the campus.

A Sarasota County Sheriff's Office SWAT team practiced their tactics against them while a bomb squad used a robot to detonate a simulated explosive.

Officials say the lessons learned from tragic incidents like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut are used to help our first responders prepare for the worst. "We get after-action reports from the law enforcement the EMS and school…what they did well, what they didn't do well. So every unfortunate incident is a learning opportunity for the rest of us,” says sheriff’s office spokesperson Wendy Rose.

200 Sarasota County school principals and other administrators took part in the day's training exercise.