Sign advertises marijuana plants for sale in Sarasota

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SARASOTA, Fla. – One home off 17th Street is known for its eclectic outdoor decor, including a bowling ball garden and a mannequin stuck in the chimney. But it’s the latest addition to the property that has people talking: a sign promoting the sale of marijuana plants for $1.

"I sell plants, I sell all kinds of antique stuff, and I have a yard sale about two times a year, and we sell a lot of fire wood,” says homeowner Ace Holland. “We sell just about everything that you can think of that we can get."

“Just about everything” includes variegated palm trees, cactus, orchid, tomato plants and according to the new sign, marijuana.

But looks can be deceiving, and the plants advertised for sale as marijuana are actually tomatoes. Holland says one day he noticed the similarity between a baby tomato plant and marijuana, and that’s when he got the idea to make the sign that’s now sitting in front of his home.

"This little old lady [came in] and she wanted four tomato plants, so I sold her four tomato plants for 25 cents a piece,” Holland says. “If she would have said anything about marijuana, I would have sold her one and then it would have been a dollar a piece."

Isn’t Holland worried about the police?

“What can they do? I got tomato plants here. There's no marijuana on this property nowhere," he says.


Ace Holland

Holland says the police haven't paid him a visit yet, but he has had more shoppers stop by since the sign went up. Still, not everyone is happy about Holland's marijuana sign -- including his wife.

"She don't like the idea at all," he says.

This isn't the first time Holland put up a sign that caused a stir. Just a few feet away, there is a sign that reads, “Rentals: 25% discount if willing to take drug test.” Holland says he put that one up about 4 years ago and he's been getting calls about it ever since.