Should the right to drive have an age limit?

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BRADENTON, FLA. – In the wake of Sunday’s tragic accident involving a 79-year-old driver who killed three pedestrians and injured four others some are asking whether the state should place some type of limitations on senior drivers.

“We are all going to get there and it is hard to take the independence out of people,” said Diane Sutton. She said it will be hard to pass but believes seniors should be re-licensed.

87-year-old Gerry Kuiper says she still drives and drives very well. She tells ABC 7, she does not want to be told that she couldn’t drive anymore.

“I think it has to be gauged on each one individually and if the state says you have to go take a test, go take a test. Then if they feel like you are capable then give them a license.”

Kuiper says any driving restrictions should not be put into place because of an age; possible restrictions should only be put into place due to an individual’s ability.

“Older people have to feel their independence as long as they can and when their drivers license is taken away from them they loose a lot,” said Kuiper.

ABC 7 reporter Todd Dunn is working on this story and will have more during tonight’s 6p.m. newscast.

So what do you think? Should the right to drive have an age limit? Should senior adults be required to prove they still have ability to handle a vehicle?