Senator Bill Nelson visits the Suncoast

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SARASOTA, FL. - Senator Bill Nelson is on the Suncoast today addressing a group of healthcare professionals at their annual conference.

With less than two days remaining in the state's legislative session, Senator Nelson is speaking out against the Florida Legislature's handling of Medicaid expansion.

Nelson made it clear that he is here to talk about how to implement the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obama Care, and he says it's clear that the bill is already working, but says if state lawmakers don't come to an agreement on the expansion, one million Floridians who could receive healthcare coverage through Medicaid will not get healthcare.

State Senate leaders are working on a compromise proposal that would expand health coverage to more than one million Floridian's using more than 50 billion dollars in federal funds. But Senator Nelson says that compromise would end up leaving those one million people without any healthcare at all.

According to the Associated Press, one of the proposal's biggest concessions would allow some newly eligible, uninsured residents to be transferred to the states Medicaid Managed-Care System, but it wouldn't add adults living above 100 percent of the poverty line or any non-disabled adults without children to Medicaid.

“In effect, we're going to be taking our allocation from the federal government and sending it to the other states, because the Florida legislature at this moment in Tallahassee, as they finish the session, they're refusing to expand Medicaid, because they don’t want to have anything to do with Obama Care. That's incredible and inexcusable,” says Nelson.

State lawmakers have until tomorrow to make a decision.

Nelson also says the rumors that he is planning on running for governor are not true. He says he has no intentions or plans to run and he has plenty to do as a senator.