Sea turtle nests felt the effects of Andrea on Suncoast beaches

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SARASOTA COUNTY – In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Andrea along the Suncoast, it appears the coastline in our area held up well. There are, however, impacts to some annual visitors and their nests: sea turtles.

In some areas there is actually more sand on shore than before Andrea, burying some nests deeper. In other areas, minimal sand erosion has caused sea turtle eggs to wash out.

In the storm’s wake Friday morning along Caspersen Beach, mixed in with white shells are white sea turtle eggs.

"We walked probably a half mile of beach here. There are hundreds." Already, turtle patrol volunteers have marked what they could find Friday. To beach hunters like Clay Keiffer and George Wolf, it's obvious not all were spared. "I think they washed out and died, because they are not broke like a turtle egg would break."

Some water on the eggs is okay, but there have been reports of eggs floating in the water near Manasota Beach. Those will not survive.

While some areas lost a little bit of sand, most actually gained some. The compacted sand though could make for a harder dig out for those buried deep down.

Mote Marine says it could take up to a week to compile the numbers on just how many nests have been impacted.