Scooter thefts reported off North Trail in Sarasota

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SARASOTA - The Sarasota Police Department is warning residents to be vigilant in securing their scooters in neighborhoods along the North Tamiami Trail.

Police say there have been numerous thefts reported in the area east of the Trail between 18th Street and Mecca Drive.

Most of the thefts have been during the morning hours when the scooters or mopeds have been parked in front of residences, some locked using cables or chains. The suspects are breaking the lock, taking the lock with them, and pushing the scooter away.

Police suggest locking up your scooter/moped/small motorcycle to a non-movable object with a thick, strong chain or cable. The weaker the cable or chain, the easier it is to cut and remove. Parking the scooter inside your garage or locked under your carport is preferred.

It is recommended that you use the steering column lock if one is provided on the scooter. A scooter alarm, which deters the thief once the scooter is touched or moved, can be purchased as well as disc brake locks and grip locks.