School cafeteria manager resigns after food goes missing

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SARASOTA, Fla. - A cafeteria worker at Alta Vista Elementary School in Sarasota is without a job after thousands of dollars worth of food went missing.

Food Service Manager Barbara Forgeur resigned earlier this month after district officials threatened to fire her during their investigation into the missing food.

It's still not clear where about $2,000 worth of cafeteria food went, but district officials believe Forgeur has the answer.

The incident has parents at Alta Vista Elementary in disbelief.

"I'm shocked, I just cannot hardly believe that."

"I think it could have been worse, though it could have been way worse than that, but it's still wrong at the end of the day."

District officials began investigating the missing food earlier this year when inventory checks came up short. Pizza, chicken nuggets and pre-made sandwiches were all items that couldn't be accounted for.

Security camera footage provided by the school district shows Forgeur arriving at Alta Vista, and then leaving with boxes of food. The question is, where did it go?

Earlier this month, Sarasota County Schools Superintendent Lori White sent a letter to Forgeur in which White tells her there is probable cause to fire her, with reasons including substantial discrepencies in food inventory, receiving cash for food service items without accounting for it, and violating district policies.

However before the process of firing her was completed, Forgeur sent a resignation letter to school officials on October 11.

As part of her resignation deal, Forgeur promised not to take legal action against the district, and both she and school officials agreed that her resignation would not be an admission of wrongdoing by either side.