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Scaly, slithery snakes squirm onto Sarasota County roadway

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL (WWSB) - "It's kinda cool but at the same time a little gross," squirmed Rhett Erb, who lives near Palmer Boulevard.

It's gross but not too gruesome for Erb and his son Reese. The two decided to bike along Palmer Boulevard Monday just to check out the unique sight.

"It's something that you don't see all the time. It's kind of a neat phenomenon I guess," said Erb.

"That's their environment, it's their home," said Matt Smith, Director of Sarasota County Mosquito Management, of the surrounding area.

According to Smith, the snakes live feet away in nearby wetlands. It's unclear why the water snakes are drawn out from the edges of the marsh onto the road but he believes it has to do with water levels rising after an increase in rainfall a few weeks back.

"The water is increasing or they were releasing water fast to control the water in there," explained Smith.

Another, yet unlikely possibility: recent change in temperature.

"It's warmer but I don't think we've had any significant temperature drops like that," said Smith.

This isn't the first time we've seen an abundance of snakes on Palmer. Hundreds of slithery, scaly snakes squirmed along the road back in October 2016.

"Every time we kept coming back around, more of them kept coming out," said Erb of the last scenario.

Their presence indicates there was likely a disruption in their environment which means more of the non-venomous reptiles may wiggle their way inside nearby homes.

"There's lots of factors that animals end up in what I like to undesirable or unwanted locations," stated Smith.