Say goodbye to Common Core and hello to The Florida Standards

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The State of Florida is making steps to improve its education standards by making changes to the Common Core standards.

"They will now called them The Florida Standards versus Common Core state standards with some slight modifications," said Sue Meckler.  She is with the Sarasota County School District.  

She's among the many educators who support the Common Core guidelines being used by 45 of the 50 states in the country.  Meckler says Common Core sets minimum guidelines which will help level the playing field for students when compared to those in other states and countries. But at a state education board meeting, members heard details of the proposed changes to those standards.

"Its important that Florida stands on our own," said the Department of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart during the meeting.    "There are almost 100 proposed changes and they are recommended to do precisely what the governor requested-- strengthen our standards in Florida." added Stewart. 

The changes include 37 clarifications and two deletions to the current common core guidelines.  As well as 60 additional standards, 52 of which deal with calculus being thought to all high school students and not just those in advance placement classes.  A change that many say will set the state apart from others using Common Core.

"Florida Standards with respect to math are higher than the so called Common Core," added Broad member John R. Padget after asking for clarification about the changes.

The proposed additions also include changes to the hand writing curriculum for elementary students.

"One thing Florida will put back in is cursive handwriting, that is something Florida typicaly teaches in 3rd grade and its was not part of the standards," added Meckler.

She adds that Common Core and the changes being considered will help ensure students get a quality education. "Its about critical thinking problem solving and getting our children truly prepared for a society that they need to be a part of."

The proposed changes to the Common Core standards will be voted on during the February board meeting.