Sarasota woman recovering from duck attack

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SARASOTA - It was no walk in the park for 78-year-old Ingrid Cardozo last weekend. The Sarasota resident was snapping some pictures of ibises at Arlington Park, when out of no where, she was attacked by a large muscovy duck.

"I wasn't bothering him, I wasn't feeding him, I wasn't doing anything to him," Cardozo said. "He raked my legs until I was a bloody mess."

Cardozo managed to call for help on her cell phone. She can be heard on the 911 tape saying: “I was attacked by a duck! I am bleeding like a stuck pig on both of my legs.”

When paramedics arrived, they treated her for her wounds. Since then, she has gone to her doctor and continues to wear a large bandage on her left leg. Other wounds remain visible. "I could not walk for two days. It was just too painful," Cardozo said.

Wildlife experts say male muscovy ducks can be very mean. "Muscovy's can weigh up to twenty pounds. When they are angry, they will bite and scratch you with their claws," said Damen Hurd with Wildlife Incorporated.

Hurd says this attack likely happened because muscovies are very territorial. "They will attack other animals, in addition to humans, who are around their pond," Hurd said.

As for Cardozo, she is sharing her story so no one, especially children, have to go through what she did.

"It was very traumatic," she said. "If a small child were to bend down to pet the duck or something, the duck could scratch their eye out."

Sarasota County officials have learned of the attack, and are drafting signs to be placed in the park. They will make visitors aware of how aggressive muscovies can be.