Sarasota Woman Celebrates 110th Birthday

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SARASOTA - A Suncoast resident has reached a rare milestone: her 110th birthday!

"I'm not very interesting," said Elizabeth Delaney.  But although she wont admit it, Elizabeth has experienced a lot more than most people in the area.  That’s because she was born in 1903.  In fact, Elizabeth saw first hand many of the things most of us only read about in history books.

"When I use to live in New Jersey the titanic, that ship, sunk.  I saw all the changes, the airplane, we never thought of riding in an airplane but now its nothing to right in an airplane,  When Fords first came out, I bought an automobile, back then they were just $600," said Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth took a trip with me down memory lane there was a celebration brewing in the background. Friends and family came together to celebrate her 110th birthday.   Even Sarasota's deputy mayor was on hand to give Elizabeth the distinction of being the oldest person in the city.  An honor her doctor says she truly deserves.

"She hasn't lost her will to live, she very sharp, very well kept, very preserved cognitive function," said her cardiologist John Puleo. 

But for Elizabeth, longevity isn't the result of a strict diet.  "The only thing she talks about is how they didn't use to take all the fat out of the food.  She doesn't like anything fat free," said her adult granddaughter, who's also named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth says she eats and drinks whats she wants.  And the only advice she has to pass on is, "Not to loan anybody any money and go to school as long as you can".

Elizabeth's daughter, who is 90 years old, was also on hand for the celebration.