Sarasota residents sign petition to save high school tennis courts

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SARASOTA - More than 715 people from Sarasota County have signed an online petition urging School Board members to vote against a project that will include demolishing eight tennis courts at Sarasota High School.

A copy of the petition was presented to Board members at their meeting Tuesday night.

Sarasota resident Mike Lasche is leading the effort.  "These courts have been around for 30 something years. Thousands of people have used them. They are like a park. They are a treasured resource and a valuable community assett," said Lasche.

Under a multi-million dollar plan to renovate the Sarasota High School campus, a new bus loop drop off area would replace the public courts.

"It's sad for us because we have had so many memories here," said Tala Rizkallah, a tennis player from Sarasota who uses the courts with her sister. "These are great courts. It will be sad if they go."

Another question that remains unanswered is, where will the Sarasota High School tennis teams hold practices and matches?

School Board members are expected to vote on final approval of the renovation project at their meeting June 4th.