Sarasota man threatens officers during standoff at apartment complex

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SARASOTA - An early morning standoff ended peacefully in Sarasota.

It happened shortly before midnight at the University Oaks Apartments on Old Bradenton Road.

According to the Sarasota Police Department, emergency crews were called there to assist a man who was being treated by paramedics for medical issues.

28-year-old Erich Zimmer told the paramedics that he was thinking about hurting himself and wanted help. They attempted to transport Zimmer to the hospital, but Zimmer refused to be belted into the stretcher, jumped out of the ambulance and ran back into his apartment.

Inside the apartment was another white male whom Zimmer had a verbal altercation with earlier in the evening. It was ascertained that Zimmer and the other man share the apartment.

Sarasota Police arrived at the scene, but Zimmer would not open the door. They were also told by people in the area that Zimmer may have a gun in his apartment.

Zimmer then called 911 while officers were outside his apartment threatening that he had a knife and would use it against law enforcement if they tried to enter his apartment.

The SWAT team and Crisis Negotiation Team were called to the scene. They tried, but couldn’t make contact with Zimmer.

Two loud bangs were heard by officers and neighbors in the vicinity of Zimmer’s apartment. That’s when the SWAT team entered the apartment.

Zimmer and the other male were located and found to be unharmed. While being taken into custody, he fought with an officer.

Zimmer was taken into custody and charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. He is in the Sarasota County Jail at this time. The other male in the apartment was taken to the Sarasota Police Department, where he was interviewed about the incident and released.