Sarasota interested in streetcar system

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SARASOTA- Could the City of Sarasota one day be getting a streetcar or trolley system Downtown? It's a vision that is all of the sudden looking more and more like a reality.

"The discussion on a streetcar has really gained traction," said Sarasota Mayor Suzanne Atwell. "We are serious about it."

The city is already paying a company $70 thousand to conduct a feasibility study on the streetcar concept and other ideas for future transportation. Forrest Shaw, the operator of is a proponent of the concept.

"A streetcar would be so great for our future and its long term vision. It's about moving people versus moving cars. It's great for a vibrant city," Shaw said.

The price, however won't be cheap. A streetcar system could cost in excess of $50 million. It's money the city will have to get from federal grants.

A public forum in scheduled for next month to discuss the ideas of the streetcar system.