Sarasota diver captures shark encounter on video

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- A Sarasota teenager has shared video with ABC 7 that shows a recent close encounter with a large hammerhead shark.

17-year-old John Schofield says he was spearfishing with a friend a few miles offshore a couple of weeks ago and had a large grouper and snapper on a stringer.  That's when he says they got a visit from an ocean predator.

Schofield says seeing sharks while spearfishing is common, but when he saw the size of this shark, he decided to release the fish he was holding while he waited for the boat to come back.

He captured the whole incident on an underwater camera.  (You may want to turn your speakers down due to loud music in the video.)


ABC 7's Todd Dunn spoke with Schofield today and will have more tonight on ABC 7 News.

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