Sarasota County invites public input on Sarasota 2050

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SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota County is asking for feedback on Sarasota 2050, a long-range, overlay component of the county's Comprehensive Plan. Sarasota 2050 allows for an alternative, compact, mixed-use form of development with significant conservation and preservation requirements outside the county's Urban Service Boundary, generally east of Interstate 75.

Citizens can go online to provide feedback about the "Sarasota 2050 Resource Management Area" policies at the county website at, keyword search "Sarasota 2050."

The goals of Sarasota 2050 are to preserve the county's natural, cultural and physical resources, and to make all neighborhoods more livable.

Citizens are asked to comment on:

Important principals or criteria for development in the eastern part of Sarasota County

Issues to consider regarding potential changes to the Sarasota 2050 policies/regulations

Sarasota 2050 offers incentives through density bonuses -- a larger number of homes -- for landowners who:

Preserve open space

Preserve agricultural and environmentally sensitive land

Build compact, mixed-use, walkable developments in appropriate areas

The county Planning and Development Services department also will notify people who would like to e contacted about meetings on Sarasota 2050. Click the link on the Sarasota 2050 page or email contact information to

For more information on Sarasota 2050, contact Bill Spaeth, Planning and Development Services; 941-861-5140;