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Sarasota Co. deputy says not enough evidence against her

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The investigation of former Sarasota Sheriff's deputy Frankie Bybee for attempted murder has now jeopardized the career of one of his colleagues.

Fellow deputy Carson Plank was arrested Thursday for lying during her interviews about Bybee and withholding evidence against him. However, some say that won't be enough to condemn the young officer.

Plank was among those to respond to the home of Bybee's attempted-murder victim, and told detectives she hadn't spoken with her colleague, who was on administrative leave.

According to reports, though, the two had talked and she even alerted Bybee to the details and nature of the questions detectives asked her.

"We sometimes forget how human officers are," says Dr. Eddy Regnier, a clinical psychologist who sometimes works with law enforcement. "They're afraid of danger just like us, and we don't give them any leeway that they can sometimes make mistakes."

Regnier says the deputy's age and presumed mentor-mentee relationship to Bybee explains some of those actions in a stressful situation.

"I can certainly understand as a psychologist how someone younger, who is in that 'dangerous' role of protecting eachother, can come to the rescue of the older officer who is in trouble," he says.

During a bond hearing this week, we learned others had also been keeping Bybee in the loop about his own investigation.

The arrest report says Plank also failed to report a blood droplet with human hair she observed and photographed at the victims home, but her attorney Andrea Flynn Mogensen says Plank will plead not guilty. The two don't believe SCSO has enough evidence to prove these claims...

Mogensen also says this case is full of politics and conflicting interests.

Someone close to Bybee tells us they never heard of or met Plank, but the two may have been friends outside of work.

Plank's status as a deputy is up in the air as she is on administrative leave during her own investigation.

Bybee will be back in court for his arraignment on February 24th.