Sarasota chocolate buffet benefits Cerebral Palsy

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Chocolate and happiness are synonymous for some people and that seemed to be the case Sunday at the Chocolate Sundae Event. The all-you-can-eat chocolate extravaganza took place at Michael's on East Sunday afternoon. For twenty dollars many indulged in an unlimited chocolate buffet. The desserts were provided by more than twenty Suncoast businesses such as Sweet Doctors, The Fudge Factory and Sarasota's Frozen Yogurt Company. Co-owner of Michael's on East, Philip Mancini, said “For me personally all it takes is to see one child suffering and I'm just a softy. That's just all it takes and I need to support (the cause) the best I can." The Chocolate Sundae Event benefited the United Cerebral Palsy of Southwest Florida.