Sarasota cat calls 911 to report e-meow-gency

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UPDATE: Cat Depot announced Thursday that Zeke the 911 dialing cat has been adopted!  Staff there say the family that adopted him fell in love with him and took him home, leaving the staff with tears of happiness.


SARASOTA, Fla. -- A cat at a Sarasota animal rescue caused a bit of a hubbub Monday when he somehow managed to dial 911 when nobody was looking.

Zeke the cat lives in one of the offices at Cat Depot on 17th Street in Sarasota.  Staff there say that on Monday, when the office's human resident left for lunch, Zeke dialed 911 on the office phone.

Sarasota County dispatch got no response when they answered, so they called back and spoke to a volunteer at the front desk, who had no idea who placed the call.  

Further investigation led them to find Zeke sprawled across the phone, with the handset off the hook.

Staff there tells ABC 7 that Zeke has a reputation for walking on laptops and other electrical devices.

He did not appear to be missing any of his 9 lives.


Zeke the 911-dialing cat