Sarasota business owner arrested for dealing in stolen property

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SARASOTA, FL. - The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a commodities dealer for buying stolen goods and violating state laws and county ordinances that regulate second hand dealers.

While investigating recent residential burglaries, detectives learned that multiple suspects were fencing stolen jewelry through 85-year-old Richard Dombro, who owns Commodity Exchange off Bay Road.

Detectives were told that Dombro did not ask for ID or record of the transactions. He was also not taking photos or holding the items for 30 days as required for second hand dealers. Dombro also paid cash for items valued at more than $100, which is also prohibited.

After discovering the alleged violations, undercover detectives conducted two separate operations, during which Dombro purchased jewelry and violated the laws.

Dombro was charged with one felony count of Dealing in Stolen Property, and two counts each for a Second Hand Dealer Transaction Form Violation, Not Keeping Required Transaction Records, and a Second Hand Dealer Method of Payment Violation, all misdemeanors.

Dombro surrendered his second-hand dealer license at the time of his arrest. He has prior arrests for Falsifying Dealer Purchase Records, Grand Theft and Exploitation of the Elderly.