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Sarasota-born performer hits town with MishMash Cabaret

SARASOTA, Fla. -- She's Sarasota born and bred and circus to the bone. Like many circus performers, she's always performed with her family before. But now she's launching a career of her own.

Her name is Gypsy Allure, and her act is sheer magic.

"It's a magical variety show; we have comedy, magic, we have grand illusions, we have audience participation, plus it's sprinkled with variety acts."

Her family first came to Sarasota to join the circus. “On my mother's side I'm 6th generation circus performer. Her parents came over in the 40's to join Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey."

As her mom traveled the country with the circus, lightning struck. "She met a very dashing handsome illusionist in Las Vegas, my father, Vince Carmen."

Gypsy's mother brought her on stage as a newborn, and she started assisting her dad with magic tricks at age 4. "When I was 12 or 14 I finally graduated to become the floating lady, and he did the levitations with me.”

Those were joyful years. "We performed together as a family for years and years and years, and we traveled the world and the country. But now that my father has dementia we can no longer perform as a family. But I'm taking over the family business and performing my solo act as Gypsy Allure."

She is no longer the girl in the box, she is now the magician thrusting the swords into the girls in the box -- a position not often held by a woman. "There are a lot of male magicians; when you think of magicians you think of David Copperfield or David Blaine, Sigfreid and Roy. I'm trying to change it. I like it that I can have these classical magic acts, but I love being able to put the feminine twist on it."

And each time she goes on stage, she knows her dad is watching her. “I walk on stage…that's when I do see a little light in his eyes and he is still and I know he's proud of me."

And one way she tries to keeps his legacy alive is by using his old props. "I'm taking not only his props, but I'm taking his story and his legacy and continuing it on, because his performing career was cut too short due to his illness."

Gypsy Allure’s MishMash Cabaret will be performed September 6th at the Classic Car Museum on Tamiami Trail and University Parkway. After that she heads to the Cayman Islands for some shows.