Sarasota bayfront being prepped for weekend boat show

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- Exhibitors and behind the scene workers were busy Friday afternoon preparing for the 32nd Annual Suncoast Boat Show along the bayfront in downtown Sarasota.

“It is a fun place to be. It is festive, there is a little bit of music, you can have a cold drink, you can grab a bite to eat, shop around, compare your favorite brands, next to brands you may never have seen live,” explained Steve Sheer, the director of marketing for Show Management.

Tickets to the Suncoast Boat Show cost $12 at the gate or $10 if you buy them online.

Inside you will be able to see everything from electric personal watercraft, to human powered kayaks to ultra fancy and expensive yachts.

“There is a great selection of boats here from about 20 feet to 50 feet and up, even an 110 foot boat,” said Sheer.

If you have an extra $1.4 million, you can buy a 55-foot Prestige Flybridge yacht from Galati Yacht Sales.

Spankie Hill works for Galati and has been preparing for the boat show all week.  “We started Monday morning bringing the boats in all day long. We have a full dock set up and we have five guys here with Galati with our team.”

If you buy a new boat at the Suncoast Boat show you will also be able to equip it properly with one of the many vendors at the show.

Bill Hadley was busy setting up his area for Ultra SoniTec, equipment designed to keep the hull of a boat free from algae growth.  “It is a great new technology. Install this on your boat, totally environmentally friendly, saves you from having to haul out nearly as often and saves you diving costs,” said Hadley.

If you'er not in the market for a boat, you might just want to pick up some clothing. Craig Brunstein was setting up the display area for his own clothing line that he calls Oceanic, clothing for fisherman by fisherman.  “One of the things that makes us a little bit unique is obviously the art work but our men's line is all moisture management, sun protection 30. We also, I don’t have it unboxed yet, but we have a women's line also with long sleeve and moisture management.”

The 32nd Suncoast Boat Show begins Friday, April 25th at 10am and runs through Sunday.