Sarasota Bay Watch scallop restoration project

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SARASOTA, FL-   Sarasota Bay Watch has now released approximately 21 million scallop larvae this 2013 scallop restoration season.  In addition the organization grew up over 100,000 scallops to an early juvenile stage.

Volunteers used a tubing pipe funnel device to deliver the juveniles directly into the sea grass to help avoid pin fish attacking them as they settled out of the water.  The juveniles were released into the bay and should be bigger, stronger and brighter by now. 

Unless SBW receives more donations to fund additional batches, the release wednesday of 1 million scallop larvae will be the last for this season.  Since its inception the Sarasota Bay watch Scallop Restoration Project has released over 50 million scallops into the bay in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.