Ryals hits the ground running as Sarasota High's new football coach

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The Sarasota Sailors lost their last spring game under then-head coach Ed Volz, but went on to win the district. The Sailors also lost their first spring game under new coach Brian Ryals, but that is yesterday’s news.

"Every day, you've got to do it like that…every day!" Every day, new Sailors head coach Ryals just wants his team to improve someway, somehow. “Time is here, and time doesn't wait for nobody. If I don't believe in myself, these young men, who will? So I have to believe in them. Again, I am blessed with some wonderful young men, a wonderful staff; it's a wonderful opportunity at a wonderful school, backed by some wonderful people."

Ryals brings renewed vigor to this Sailors squad. They won the district last year, but lots of energy is never a bad thing. "It just feels a lot more life with a passion for the game. Everyone is on the same page to make it a successful team," says Sailors running back Justin Austin.

Ryals has been a long-time assistant and he is finally getting his shot to be the top dog of a program. He plans to make the most of it. "Absolutely; well I think you have to be as a head coach. Again, it’s going to take on who you are. I have to get out front of everything and set the tone."

The Sailors are young in some key spots, like quarterback, but they have a coaching staff that has been around. Baraka Atkins played in the NFL, and his brother Dumaka played at FSU. Chris Hannon played in the NFL, while Brock Waters played at Louisiana Tech, just to name a few of the staff.

Ryals has the first key of being a head coach down pat -- surrounding yourself with good people. "It’s tremendous. More importantly, they played for me. They know what I want. They know how I do things. They can attest to the coach that I am, the passion that I have, and how you can end up with certain results."

Ryals might not know where he is going, but where ever it is, he is on the way.