Rod Frazier pleads no contest, avoids jail time

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – There were major developments in the Rod Frazier case today. The former Manatee High School assistant football coach will avoid jail time after being accused of inappropriately touching students and staff.

This morning, Frazier pleaded no contest to six counts, and now many in the community -- including one of the victim’s parent -- is speaking out.

"I’m pleased that it’s coming to an end, it’s been a very long few years," says Alice Kadditz, the mother of one of the victims, referring to the plea Frazier entered that brought the case to a close. The former Manatee High School football coach plead no contest to six charges Wednesday -- three for battery and three for interference with a child's attendance at school.

The charges stem from a letter written by one of the victims alleging Frazier inappropriately touched students and staff. Many of the details came out in the proceeding leading up to Wednesday, which the victim's mom says was difficult to sit through.

"To find out what I did long after it happened and have to sit in court and hear what happened to my daughter it’s been hard," Kadditz says.

During depositions one victim even stated Frazier touched her on the buttocks. While a teacher alleged seeing a student sitting on Frazier's lap -- all allegation Frazier’s attorney still refutes.

"It was not sexual abuse,” attorney Eddie Mulock says. “Child abuse is defined very clearly in statue. If it had been child abuse, Mr. Frazier would have been charged with sexual battery, but he wasn't charged with sexual battery."

The no contest plea is part of the deal between the defense and the prosecution which also includes the dropping of four of the original 10 charges -- a move that has Frazier and his attorney celebrating

"He's not in jail; he's out on the street,” says Mulock says. “He has a battery charge, but a lot of people have battery conviction so I’m not worried about that. There was never any evidence ever of him having sex with anybody or that he touch anybody's intimate parts so to me it’s been a blessing"

As part of the deal Frazier will serve three years probation and serve six months on house arrest. He also has to complete 90 days of an offender work release program and voluntarily give up his license to teach or coach at a school in the state.