Road block in getting Sandy aid items to victims

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SARASOTA - Less than three months ago, Superstorm Sandy slammed into the coasts of New York and New Jersey leaving thousands homeless and in need of help.  So one local woman organized a collection to help storm victims, however, there's been a roadblock in getting the supplies up north.      

The scenes from Superstorm Sandy is still chilling, a recent reminder of the incredible power of Mother Nature and the destruction it can bring to anyone who lives along the coast.

"I knew how long they were there with nothing and so I wanted to get help immediately out of the state, out of the city," said Bonnie Provo, the organizer of Sarasota Cares.  With some help, she was able to collect close to 4,000 pounds worth of things to send to Sandy victims from food to clothes to household items.  They range from homemade blankets to brand new clothes, water, anything that could help people who lost everything in the storm.

"Everybody was so gracious in donating everything, and it still is sitting here," Provo said.  "It breaks my heart."

Provo said over the past several months, some truck drivers from companies who volunteered to transport the 11 pallets to those who need it most backed out one by one at the last minute and for excuses that are inexcusable.

"One guy said 'I don't go up there anymore, the people are too mean.'  So he wouldn't deliver it," Provo said.  "You know that's mean in itself."

Provo said the time to make the difference is now, as some families still remain homeless.

"I would love someone that's got partial load going up to just come and put this on it,"  Provo said.  "If donations will help, I will rent a U-Haul, I'll drive it myself."

But until someone steps up to be a hero and save the day, these potentially life-saving items remain locked up in a dark storage unit.

"I don't have gas money and I don't have a forklift there's just a lot of things i can't do myself," said Provo.

If you are interested in helping in any way, feel free to call Bonny at 941-922-9262.