Retailers ready for Super Bowl

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SARASOTA--For Robert pPinto and the gang at Ringling Pizza in Sarasota, Sunday will be their first time serving up the Super Bowl crowd.

"It will be great for the business, most definitely," says Robert Pinto, who works at the restaurant.

The shop has only been opened for about four months, but already they know that the big game means big expectations.

"We're expecting a very busy day," said Pinto, "we already got reservations set up close to about 1600 wings already [and] a couple hundred pies already reserved."

But that kind of workload is exactly what retailers across the country are hoping to see, with the average Super Bowl party costing just over one hundred dollars; maybe a little more, though, if you need to grab that last minute, all-important, big ticket item.

"The demand will remain high not only today, but right through tomorrow morning," said Ed Raad at Best Buy, who says every year people continue to stream in looking for a new TV, sometimes just hours before kickoff.

"People begin their Super Bowl shopping shortly after Christmas but it reaches somewhat of a fever pitch today, the day before the super bowl," said Raad.

And with less than 24 hours until kickoff, shoppers are in a race against the clock to be ready to go when the big game starts.

"People are very interested to get a quick replacement while they're price-conscious," said Raad, "they're also very quality-conscious and they want to be sure that whatever they select they can walk out of the store with today."