5 Restaurants confirmed for Mall at University Town Center

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SARASOTA, Fla.- It's official. New restaurants will be coming to the Mall at University Town Center, slated to open next October.

The 5 restaurants will be making their debut on the Suncoast and the big names are Cheesecake Factory, The Capital Grill, Brio Tuscan Grill, Kona Grill, and Seasons 52. They will open their doors in less than a year. And the frequent shoppers of University Town Center are ready for more fine dining options.

"I think, just the fact that we've got a little more diversity again; this is already becoming a hub area for restaurants and stores and that's just going to add to it,” says Bob Revels, a shopper at University Town Center.

The area of Lakewood Ranch is booming, and it's central location between Sarasota and Manatee county makes it easily accessible for our growing community.

“You look at Lakewood ranch and the potential growth and also access from I-75. It's really good for the market and people will have access to get to the mall at University Town Center,” says Octavio Ortiz, the General Manager of the Mall at University Town Center.

Not only will the new mall introduce unique stores and restaurants to the Suncoast, but it will boost the economy by creating over 2,000 permanent jobs.

"It's a growing area. It's going to be bringing a lot of money into the community and we're real happy about it,” says Greg Leiberick, a shopper at University Town Center.

When it comes to competition, most Suncoast residents believe people will still enjoy their favorite restaurants and now add the new ones to their list.

"I think people have their favorite restaurants to go to, unless they find somebody that's better than the other ones,” says Mary Schorn, a shopper at University Town Center.

The mall believes there is opportunity for everyone.

“I think this is such a great area. You see a lot of growth at Lakewood ranch, and I think there's room for everybody,” says Ortiz.

Ortiz says the construction of the mall is right on schedule, and they will be bringing the next update in the first quarter of 2014.