Residents react to Manatee County Code Enforcement's decision

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MANATEE COUNTY - Some Manatee County residents living near a processing plant have been told that they have to wait even longer for a solution to an irritating problem: glass dust blowing all over their property and some say, causing health problems.

"This dust is from the glass factory, and I just cleaned these," sais Gary Burcham. 

Burcham is one of the many residents who live in the Villa Del Sol mobile home park who says they've been dealing with the dust the from the Strategic Materials Plant, located behind their home.

"You just have a lot of glass particles here in the park.  I mean, just everywhere. You can't come outside, you cant open the windows in the house," said Burcham.

And, he not alone.  "Breathing problems constantly, and its been that way every since we moved here," added another resident.  

Residents all over the mobile home park say the shimmer dust particles get into everything including the air they breathe.  "I don't know how much damage its done to my lungs and to the lungs of other people in this park i just don't know how to handle it."

Residents were hoping relief was around the corner because Strategic Materials was cited by Manatee County Code enforcement for multiple violations. But, they will have to wait because Wednesday the board granted a 30 day continuance allowing Strategic Materials time to address the concerns.

"I'm very annoyed. They ought to be in compliance with the law and the regulations that are set for them their not any different than anybody else," said Burcham.

Strategic Materials did put up a vinyl fence to keep the glass from blowing into the mobile home park.  But, the mountain of particles is a lot taller than the fence. We did reach out to the company to see anything else was being done to stop the particles from blowing in the wind but they declined to comment.

"Its like taking a taking a bag of flour and shaking it and hoping the wind don't blow it your way, it don't work that way the flour is going to be there," said Bercham.