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Rescued baby raccoon regaled in satin sheets at Venice Center

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SARASOTA CO., Fla. (WWSB) - A baby raccoon, sitting comfortably on satin sheets with a cast on his leg at the Wildlife Center, has touched the hearts of many fans.

He was found on the road by one of the volunteers at the Venice Wildlife Center, most likely hit by a car. The center posted an adorable photo of the raccoon on Facebook with the caption: “I'm just sitting over here on my satin sheets with my cast, waiting for my kibble and fruit bowl.”

The little guy will keep his cast on for another four to six weeks, depending on what the vet says during his checkup next week.

After his leg is healed, he will then be introduced to cage mates and will need to stay at the center until he is old enough to be on his own. That could be another three months, according to the enter.