Republicans prepare for a potential Charlie Crist candidacy

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With expectations set on former Governor Charlie Crist running as a democrat to challenge current Governor Rick Scott for his job in 2014, Florida Republicans are wary. Gathering in Orlando this weekend, Republicans urged their rank-and-file members to stay united.

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry noted that the national party is already providing help to the state party to better prepare for next year. And at a large fundraising dinner held last night at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Curry started off the event by questioning if Democrats were going to proceed with an “arranged marriage” with Crist.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Senator George LeMieux, who serves as Crist's campaign manager in 2006 and now supports Scott, acknowledged that Crist would be a legitimate candidate against Scott next year.

Though Scott has received poor poll ratings since taking office in 2010, Republicans say that Floridians will still back him because of his work towards improving the state's economy. Republicans also note that they will benefit from the democrats' organizational troubles.