Report on handling local growth raising eyebrows

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL - A consulting firm hired by Sarasota County on how to handle future growth is concluding it's report. The initial draft has some local groups calling it the most ridiculous thing they've ever seen.

Today members of the Sarasota County Council on Neighborhoods or CONA and those with the Sierra Club holding a press conference outside the county administration building. The $90.000 report suggests the county should do away with much of if not all of its 2050 plan. Removing zoning restrictions and eliminating the urban service boundary to make it easier and quicker for growth to develop east of I-75.

"To just do away with and have no rules or regulations. Lets just open everything up and just do what you want makes it a foolish report. No credibility whatsoever," says Bill Zoller who sits on CONA's board.

Leaders with groups like CONA and the Sierra Club say they don't think county commissioners can follow through with many of the reports recommendations but say it shows which way they're leaning.

The initial draft will be talked about for the first time publicly by county leaders at Tuesdays Commission meeting.

We will have much more on this story coming up on ABC 7 this evening.